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Find the Best RV Storage Solution for You

Hilltop Storage Solutions is the premier RV storage facility in North Texas. With our safe and secure RV storage, you can put your mind at ease knowing your RV, camper, or motorhome is protected from the elements.

Convenience and Security for Your Recreational Vehicle

We offer 24-hour access, competitive rates, and many other amenities to ensure your storage experience is as convenient as possible. Our security features ensure your recreational vehicle is being protected and stored in the safest manner possible.

Local RV Storage

Hilltop Storage Solutions provides 24-hour access RV storage in North Texas for clients in and around Argyle, Denton, Fort Worth, Haslet, Justin, Northlake, Ponder, Rhome, Roanoke, Tarrant, and Wise.

Superior Customer Service

We take pride in caring for our customers and their investments. At Hilltop Storage Solutions, we know that an RV, whether a bumper pull, 5th wheel, pop-up, or coach, is an expensive purchase, and our customers want and deserve the best when it comes to safe, secure, and convenient RV storage.

Secure RV Storage

To ensure maximum privacy, Hilltop Storage Solutions has solid fencing and gates. Motion sensor lighting and 24-hour surveillance provide a safe environment for storing your recreational vehicle. Since our owners and managers reside on-site, we can provide an additional layer of security during our non-business hours.

Hilltop Storage Solutions of Northlake is a rental supplier of U-Haul rental trucks and moving and storage supplies. Image of four U-Haul moving trucks lined up in front of the store.

What is the best RV Camper Storage Option for You?

Proper storage allows you to keep your RV in top condition and extend its life. The best RV camper storage option is different for everyone and depends on a variety of factors, such as:

  • Your location
  • If there are harsh weather conditions where you live
  • If there are extreme temperatures where you live
  • The length of your RV
  • The height of your RV
  • If you need electrical access

Proper storage can help keep your boat or RV in top condition and extend its life. Determine its storage location. If it is stored outside, protecting against harsh sun and rain is essential. If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, your boat or RV should be stored in a garage or other building with adequate heating and cooling. Last, determine the size of your storage location.

Outdoor RV Storage Space to Meet Your Needs

Hilltop Storage Solutions provides covered and uncovered RV storage space options in several sizes. Specific sizes of our covered RV storage and uncovered RV storage are available with electrical access.

Storage Space Options Available:

  • Uncovered 12’ x 30’ no electric: $95
  • Uncovered 12’ x 40’ no electric: $120
  • Uncovered 12’ x 45’ with electric: $150
  • Covered 12’ x 45’ no electric: $220
  • Covered 12’ x 45’ with electric: $250

Covered RV Storage

With a protective roof, covered RV storage protects the RV from the sun, rain, and other harsh weather conditions and can also lessen the chances of theft. It is more affordable than indoor drive-up storage units and can often accommodate larger recreational vehicles.

Uncovered Outdoor Storage

Uncovered outdoor RV storage is one of the most common RV storage solutions since it offers affordability and convenience. If you don’t mind exposure to the elements or taking additional steps to protect your RV from the elements, uncovered outdoor storage is an option that can work for almost any motorhome.

Parking Space Length

Outdoor storage solutions offer parking space lengths between 30 and 45 feet, accommodating almost any recreational vehicle, so you can comfortably and quickly park your RV in its secure storage space.

Electric Access

Choosing an outdoor RV storage solution with electrical access means you won’t need to remove the battery from your RV or worry about it dying. You won’t need to run a generator or use propane to test or operate appliances and other items in your RV when storing it or getting it ready for a trip.

Reasons to Use Nearby RV Storage

There are several reasons to store your RV. Nearby RV storage gives you convenient and secure storage for your recreational vehicle if you don’t have adequate parking space at home or must adhere to the homeowner’s association rules.

Get More Parking Space at Home

Recreational vehicles (RVs) come in a variety of sizes. Some can reach 40 feet in length, 15 feet in height, and 10 feet in width. However, some may be too long, wide, or tall to fit in your garage or driveway. Even if you have room to park your RV at home, its size may still get in your way and cause other issues.

Avoid Homeowners Association Fees

A common rule with many homeowners associations is that RVs cannot be kept in driveways or on the street, and many have additional fees for storing recreational vehicles at your home. Outdoor RV storage is a good alternative if you aren’t able to store your recreational vehicle in your garage and want to avoid additional costly HOA fees.

Use RV Trailer Storage for Easier Travel

If you typically use your RV just for road trips or quick weekend getaways, finding an RV storage facility that is conveniently located near your favorite outdoor recreation areas or a highway or interstate can be worthwhile and save you time and money. Keeping your RV at a storage facility also means you won’t have to worry about parking your camper at home or hauling it as far.

Hilltop Storage – Local, Secure RV Storage

Hilltop Storage Solutions provides our customers with local, secure RV storage regardless of their recreational vehicle size.

Convenient Motorhome and Travel Trailer Storage

If you’re looking for RV storage nearby, Hilltop Storage Solutions has you covered. Contact us at (817) 412-1391 to discuss your RV and trailer storage needs.

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